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Greg Talks about Blues Rock Elements From BB King to Eric Clapton
Greg discusses what he learned from the blues rock players starting back with BB King and Freddy to Eric Clapton to Billy...
Greg Martin Intermediate Soloing Blues
Greg Talks About Slide Playing
Greg talks about slide playing and shows examples of Delta slide playing.
Greg Martin Intermediate Blues
Stylish Blues Licks in C
Greg shares some of his favorite licks to help you enhance your phrasing. In the style of BB King , Clapton and...
Greg Martin Intermediate Blues
Greg Martin On His Style & Influences
5 time Grammy winner Greg Martin talks about his early influences, his style and his technique.
Greg Martin Intermediate Soloing Blues
Jimmy Reed Style Rhythm in E
Greg shows you how to lay down a Jimmy Reed style rhythm in E. Plus, some sweet turnarounds to add your playing...
Greg Martin Intermediate Rhythm Blues
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