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Basics of Strumming the Guitar For Beginner Acoustic or Electric: Learn to Play Guitar Online


Learn the best technique for fretting hand positions Beginner Guitar Holding Fretting Fingering


How to find the notes on your guitar


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Basic Acoustic Strumming Pattern For Beginners


Bugs Henderson teaches about the Blues


Redd Volkaert on Double Stops


Gus G Shows You How To Play "Bark At The Moon" by Ozzy Osbourne


Richie Kotzen Song Lesson "Desire"


George Lynch - Blues Licks and Ideas


Basic Bass Exercise for Both Hands


Gabe Rosales Chord Tones and Bass Lines


Billy Sheehan's Right Hand Technique

Learn the best technique for fretting hand positions Beginner Guitar Holding Fretting Fingering

DangerousGuitar.com is an online guitar lesson and instruction site with video lessons by top artists and instructors such as George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), Redd Volkaert(Merle haggard), Bugs Henderson, Tallan Noble Latz, Damon Johnson(Brother Cane, Alice Copper), Greg Martin(Kentucky Headhunters),Jack Pearson(Allman Brothers)and more.

The site is loaded with scales, chords, licks, and lessons in all styles such as Jazz, Bebop, Rock, Metal, Country, Classical, Acoustic, Blues, Latin, and more.

Jam Tracks in all styles by session musicians and professionally recorded.

Resource center shows you scales, and chords such as major, minor, dominant, altered, diminished, locrian, ionain, phrygian, dorian, harmonic minor, melodic minor, whole and more.

Lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Learn to play acoustic, electric, or classical guitar.

No matter what city you are in you can learn 24 hours a day 7 days a week:

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