Acoustic Guitar 101

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Course Description

Dangerous Guitar instructor Jonan Rigsbee busts out his acoustic guitar and shows you everything you need to know to get started on your path to musical glory. If you’re an absolute beginner or an electric guitar player who wants to unplug, this course will have you pickin’ and grinnin’ in no time.

From the bare bones basics like tuning and holding the guitar to naming the strings to learning your first chords and getting your strumming hand moving, Jonan has you covered.

What is taught in this series?

• Acoustic guitar anatomy
• Basic posture
• Tuning
• Exercises for your fret hand
• Basic major and minor chords
• Picking technique
• Strumming patterns and rhythm exercises

Parts Of The Acoustic Guitar 

Learn the names of all of the components that make up the acoustic guitar.

Holding The Guitar 

Learn how to properly hold the acoustic guitar.

Learning to Hold the Guitar Pick 

Learn the proper way to hold the guitar pick.

Tuning A Guitar Without A Tuner 

Learn how to tune your guitar using "relative tuning." You won't need a tuner for this one.

The String Names 

Learn the string names and numbers.

Fretting Hand Exercise 

This lesson will have you on your way as you learn your first left hand technique.

Your First Chords 

You'll learn to play your first chords and how to use them.

Using The Pick 

Learn the proper way to use a guitar pick.

Basic Strumming Patterns 

You'll learn your first strumming patterns. This will get your right hand used to strumming, while the left hand changes chords.

Learning the G and C Chord 

Learn how to play the chords G and C.

Exercise Those Fingers 

A great exercise to work all 4 fingers on your fretting hand.

Intro to Minor Chords 

You'll learn the E, A and D minor chords Plus, learn the difference between major and minor chords and how to identify them by just by listening.

Playing Major and Minor 

Play the G major, E minor, C major and D major to practice a new chord progression consisting of major and minor chords together.

New Rhythm Pattern 

You'll learn a new strumming pattern consisting of the minor chords you've already learned plus a new major chord.

Right Hand Picking 

You'll learn the basics of picking with your right hand utilizing a guitar pick.

Keep On Picking 

Another right hand picking pattern. This is an extension from the previous lessons that will get your right hand picking more fluently.

Same Shape Different Chord 

See how learning one shape can result in learning multiple chords. You'll be playing up and down the fret board with ease.

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