Beginning Bass Absolute Basics

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Course Description

Follow instructor Doug Stouffer, as he walks you through the basics of playing the bass. He starts at the very beginning and breaks down everything you need to know to get started on the bass. Learn the mechanics of how the bass works, the names of the notes, fingering techniques, and some easy tricks that will make you sound like a pro. This series is great for beginners.

What is taught in this series?

  • Parts of the Bass
  • How to Hold the Bass
  • Fingering Techniques
  • String Names and Numbers
  • Tuning Your Bass
  • Playing Notes/Using Left Hand
  • Hammer-on’s, Pull-off’s, and Slides
Bass Basics #1 Parts Of The Bass 

Parts of The Bass. Basic information about the components of a bass guitar.

Bass Basics #2 How to Hold The Bass 

Basic Information About The Bass. Learn the correct way to hold the bass, and proper left hand position.

Bass Basics #3 Fingering Techniques 

Fingering Techniques - 2 types of finger strokes and 2 types of picking for your right hand.

Bass Basics #4 String Names & Numbers 

Learn the names of the strings and the numbers for the strings

Bass Basics #5 Tuning Your Bass 

Doug Stouffer shows you how to tune your bass.

Bass Basics #6 – Harmonic Tuner 

Doug Stouffer teaches you how to tune your bass with harmonics

Bass Basics #7 Learning the notes on your bass 

Doug Stouffer: Learning the notes on your bass

Bass Basics #8 Playing Notes | Using Left Hand 

Doug Stouffer: Learn how to play notes with your left hand. Including to lay your fingers on the fretboard and play notes clearly.

Bass Basics #9 Hammer-ons, Pull Offs, and Slides 

Doug Stouffer: Teaches you how to slide, pick, hammer-on, pull offs, vibrato the notes on the bass

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