Classical Guitar

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Course Description

Guitarist and composer extraordinaire Mike Morey gives you a comprehensive guide to classical guitar, showing you the tools, techniques and repertoire you need to make your nylon-string guitar sing. Mike will teach you pieces from composers of many eras and styles, and there is a lot for players of all levels to learn.

These lessons will provide you with real world guitar techniques applied to classical masterpieces by composers like Handel, Bach, Ponce, Sor, and many more! If you’re interested in branching out musically, improving your tone and technique, augmenting your fingerstyle playing, or simply building your repertoire, this series is for you.

What is taught in this series?

• Right and left hand exercises
• Slurs and legato playing
• Arpeggios
• Free stroke and rest stroke
• Melody
• Trills and ornaments
• Classical vibrato

Balancing Chord Volume and John Dowland’s “Frog Galliard” 

Mike plays you an excerpt from John Dowland's "Frog Galliard" and teaches you how to get a balanced tone out of your classical guitar.

Accenting Notes for Emphasis 

Mike shows you how to apply accents to your playing in order to highlight certain notes and rhythms, and demonstrates his original composition, "Freedom of Speech".


Mike shows how to do a two finger trill for acoustic guitar.


Mike shows you how to make a sharp and flat vibrato for a classical style.

Playing Melody 

Mike teaches how to control the melody with different fingers.

Playing Melody Example 2 

Mike uses another example to demonstrate individual finger control for acoustic melody.

Free Stroke Fingerpicking Technique 

Mike plays an excerpt from Bach's "Gavotte in E" and shows you how to use the free stroke.

Strength Exercise 

Mike demonstrates exercises he uses to build finger strength.

Stretching Exercise 

Mike demonstrates another finger stretching exercise useful for any style.

Pinky Muscle Excercise 

Mike shows you how to use your pinky. Using your pinky for acoustic guitar is different than most styles.

Playing Arpeggios on Classical Guitar 

Mike shows you an arpeggio study to help build your right hand arpeggio technique.

Learning the Classic Piece “Malagueña” 

Mike teaches you how to play the classic Spanish guitar tune, "Malagueña".


Mike teaches you a technique to play smoothly.

Learning the Classic Piece “Romanza” 

Mike shows you how to play a hugely popular traditional piece titled "Romanza".

Shift Exercises 

Mike shows you how to use different parts of your arm to practice shifting.

Slurring your Notes and Gaspar Sanz’s “Canarios” 

Mike shows you how to execute and practice slurs and uses "Canarios" by Gaspar Sanz to demonstrate the technique.

Using Dynamics to Create Contrasting Sections 

Mike plays his original composition "Show Me How" and demonstrates the use of musical contrast as it applies to a theme from Handel.

Finger Stretching Exercise 

Mike shows you how to stretch your fingers that applies to any style.

Walking Basslines and Legato Playing on Bach’s “Minuet in G” 

Mike plays a piece with a jazzy walking bass line and shows you how to conquer the famous "Minuet in G" by J.S. Bach.

Learning the Bach Classic “Bourrée in E minor” 

Mike teaches you how to play the famous "Bourrée" from J.S. Bach's 1st suite for lute.

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