George Lynch ” Rock Legends” Artist Series

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Course Description

Rock Guitar Legend George Lynch takes you through his style and influences from Blues to Rock and shares with you insight on techniques that have made him one of the Greatest Rock Guitar Players of all Time. George walks you through some of his biggest hits and his hottest licks from his career as guitarist for Dokken, and Lynch Mob


What is taught in this series?

  • Visualizing Patterns and Shapes Within a Scale  to Build Licks and Solos
  • Vibrato and Bending Techniques
  • Understanding the root of all Rock Based Playing ( The Blues)
  • Learn Some of George’s Signature Licks and Riffs
  • Learn Some of George’s Hit Songs from Lynch Mob and Dokken
  • Concepts and Techniques to Make Your Solo Fit the Song
  • Sixteenth Note Runs
  • Soloing Concepts Techniques
  • Quick licks to add to your arsenal right away


Visualizing Patterns and Shapes to Build Licks and Solos 

Learn to understand the building blocks of licks and solos by visualizing patterns and shapes and utilizing the movable scale patterns

Blues Licks and Ideas 

George talks about the element of the Blues and its importance in Rock guitar playing

Bluesy Bends and Vibrato to Breath Life Into Your Soloing 

Add feeling and life to your playing using bending and vibrato. George discusses his influences and their uses of bending such as Albert King

Pedal Tone Quick Lick 

Another George Lynch quick lick. This one features a pedal tone. Don't know what a pedal tone is? Watch this lesson and learn how to use it.

Hendrix Inspired Quick Lick 

George Lynch shows you another quick lick inspired by Jimi Hendrix.

“Alone Again” Dokken 

George Lynch shows you how to play the hit song, "Alone Again" by Dokken.

“The Hunter” Dokken 

George Lynch teaches how to play the Dokken hit, "The Hunter."

“Tooth And Nail” Dokken 

George Lynch shows you how to play the song, "Tooth And Nail" by Dokken.

“Wicked Sensation” Lynch Mob 

George Lynch shows you how to play the Lynch Mob song "Wicked Sensation"

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