Incorporating Harmonics Into Your Playing

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Course Description

In this series of lessons, Jude Gold gives us an in-depth look at his unique brand of guitar artistry. You will learn techniques like slapping and popping natural, artificial and “galloping” harmonics, playing with delay effects, and how to apply these techniques to your rhythm and lead playing.

Doug starts the series by walking  you through some basics slap harmonic techniques and concepts.

What is taught in this series?

  • How to Tap/Slap Harmonics
  • Adding Effects Pedals
  • Galloping Slap Harmonics
  • Using a Pick
  • Sextuplets
  • Funky Town
  • Popped Notes
  • Sixteenth note licks and subdivisions
  • Licks and Tricks
Introduction to Slap/Tap Harmonics 

Jude covers the basics of playing slap harmonics by bouncing your thumb on the fret wire 12 frets higher than the note that is being fretted by your left hand. This technique works on acoustic guitars as well as electric.

Adding the Delay Effect 

Jude shows you how to incorporate delay effects into your slapping harmonic technique for some rich, cascading sounds.

Galloping Slap Harmonics 

Jude shows you a technique he calls "galloping harmonics" with your thumb and with a pick. And he shows you how to use a delay pedal to create a 16th note effect playing only eighth notes.

Using the Pick 

Jude shows you how to incorporate the pick into your galloping 16th patterns.


Jude shows you how to play slapped harmonics in a sextuplet, or 6 notes per beat, pattern. He breaks down a funky riff.

Funky Town 

Jude walks you through his version of the classic Lipps Inc. hit "Funky Town", and he shows you how omitting notes can help create funkier rhythms.

Popped Notes 

Jude shows you how to pop notes to imitate a technique used by funk bass players.

Sixteenth Note Subdivisions 

Jude shows you different ways to play around with a sixteenth note rhythmic subdivision.

Sixteenth Note Licks 

Jude shows you some licks using sixteenth notes as a rhythmic framework.

Licks and Tricks 

It all comes together here as Jude shows you some of his favourite licks and tricks incorporating all the techniques you learned in this series.

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