Intro to Metal Guitar

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Course Description

In this course, Greg Harrison, GIT instructor and professional musician, introduces you the guitar techniques you need to know if you want to play Metal. Palm Muting, Thrash Picking, Inverted Power Chords, are only some of the things he will teach you, with his easy to follow lessons.

He shows you exercises that are fun to play, and sequences that will build your melodic ideas. Also, learn the proper way to do bends and create harmonic interest in your solos.

If you like guitar players like Van Halen and Slash, or bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden and Pantera, this course is defiantly for you!

What is taught in this series?

  • Warm up Exercises
  • Palm Muting Power Chords
  • Trash Rhythm Patterns
  • Uncommon Picking Patterns
  • Riffs
  • Building Melodic and Rhythmic Motifs from Pentatonic Scales
  • Bending Techniques
  • Partial Picking
  • Sweep Picking
  • Inverted Arpeggios
  • 4 and 5 String Arpeggios
Warm Up Exercises 

Warming up is a key element to get the most out of your practice and playing. Greg shows you some great warm up exercises to get you ready for some Metal Shredding

Palm Muting Power Chords 

Greg shows you a rhythm technique that utilizes muting along with power chords.

Thrash Rhythm Patterns 

Learn some Thrash Metal rhythm patterns that make great exercises no matter which genre of Metal guitar you prefer.

Uncommon Picking Pattern 

Greg shows you a non-typical metal picking pattern, using eighths and sixteenth notes.

Quick Riff 1 

Learn a heavy, evil riff in E, using octaves, slides, and power chords.

Quick Riff 3 

In this lesson Greg shows you how to play a cool riff with some dissonance, using 3rds and 2nds.

Building Melodic and Rhythmic Motifs from Pentatonic Scales 

Greg shows you ideas on building melodic and rhythmic motifs from the minor pentatonic scale patterns.

Bending Techniques 

Greg explains guitar bending and shows you some great bending techniques, using an A minor pentatonic scale.

Legato Technique Using Hammerons and Pulloffs 

Greg introduces a legato technique which uses "hammer-ons" and "pull-offs". Great for smoother sounding phrases and licks.

Partial Picking 

Greg shows you Partial Picking, a technique that uses a mix of picking, pull-offs, and hammer-ons, He shows you this utilizing the modified blues scales previously used in this series.

Same Note Different String 

Sure there are several of the same notes on the fret board, but Greg shows how to use the same notes on different strings... and why.

Sweep Picking 

Sweep Picking is a great technique to learn for solos, and Greg gets you started on how to do it.

Inverted Arpeggios 

Greg continues with sweep picking technique and covers inverted arpeggio patterns. In other words rearranging the order of the notes.

4-String Arepeggio Shapes 

Continuing with Sweep Picking, Greg shows you a 4-string sweep, A Minor triad you can use in different positions on the neck.

5 String Arpeggio Patterns 

In this lesson you will be adding yet another string to create a 5 string arpeggio pattern, combining it with the 3 string arpeggio.

Quick Licks 

Greg shows you some variations on a single string minor key Metal " Quick" Licks utilizing the pinky and first finger slide. These licks are movable so you can play them over any key

Quick Licks 2 

Greg shows you an other quick lick, using the A Minor scale and triplets.

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