Doug Aldrich Rock Guitar

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Course Description

Doug Aldrich, from the bands Whitesnake, Dio,  and Burning Rain, will walk you through a boot camp of basics and beyond within the realm of Rock Guitar  A new approach on Power chords, soloing techniques and more. No matter your playing level, Aldrich’s Rock Guitar series will help you to add some power into your playing .

Doug starts the series by walking  you through some basic Rock Rhythm concepts with ways to add more aggressive approaches  and progresses into Blues Based Heavy Rock soloing concepts

What is taught in this series?

  • How to Warm Up and Why You Should
  • Power Chords and Ways to change them up 
  • Strumming Techniques for Rock Players
  • Chunk Rhythms
  • Soloing with Pentatonic Scale
  • Soloing with Diatonic Scales
  • Sixteenth Note Runs
  • Legato Techniques
  • Quick licks to add to your arsenal right away


Warming Up Exercise Using The Modes of F Major 

Doug Aldrich shows you a great warm up exercise that he uses before those big shows. It's an easy exercise using the Major scale pattern that will help you build more dexterity and improve your chops.

Power Chords 

Doug shows you the backbone to every great rocks song... The Power Chord! He demonstrates different ways to form a power chord and gives you some great riffs to practice on your own.

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Soloing: Crafting Riffs and Licks, Transposing and Improvising Over Progressions 

Doug goes over the concepts of building a solo on the fly using Pentatonic shapes and crafting licks to fit the song. Also covered is transposing those lines for other keys

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Soloing with Diatonics 

Doug shows you some great solo ideas based on a diatonic scale.

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