Intro to Jazz Guitar with Clint Strong

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Course Description

Virtuoso guitarist Clint Strong,  has played with Jazz greats such as Red Garland and Herb Ellis, while at the same time conquering the country music world, touring with Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard. In this series he demystifies Jazz theory and gives you the tools to learn how to play Jazz and improvise.

Clint teaches you how to build major scales and harmonize them, how to create Jazz chords and match them with the appropriate modes, and a lot more, so you can become a solid and creative player.

What is taught in this series?

• Notes, Intervals, and Scales
• Using the Metronome
• Movable Patterns for the Major Scale
• Chords and Voicings
• Modes
• Common Chord Voicings and Chord
• Builder Triads

Getting Started: Understanding Notes, Intervals Scales 

Jazz guitar master Clint Strongs gets you started on learning the basics of jazz guitar. In this lesson, you'll learn the notes on the neck and note intervals. Plus, Learn to build and harmonize a major scale.

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Utilizing the Metronome and Working with Whole and Half Notes 

Utilizing a metronome to get yourself into the groove with your jazz playing . Also, practicing scales using whole and half notes

5 Movable Patterns for the Major Scale 

Learn to play the major scale and 5 different fingering patterns you can connect. Plus, easier voicings from the harmonized major scale.

Chords and Voicings 

Learn some basic jazz chords and the various voicings you can create

Understanding and Utilizing Modes 

We have heard abouit scales, but...What are Modes? This is where you begin to learn about the differnt modes and how they're used.

Common Chord Voicings and Chord Shifting 

Learn some more common voicings and how to shift in and out of them. Plus, what exaclty is a diatonic harmony? Find out in this lesson.

The Building Blocks of Triads 

Learn to build major triads in every key.

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