Jazz in Blues

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Course Description

Guitarist and popular music historian, Stuart Ziff, gives you a comprehensive guide to adding Jazz into your Blues playing. He Shows you the tricks and techniques to add more color into your playing, like superimposing Pentatonic scales, adding ii-V turnarounds, double stops, and more.

These lessons will provide you with knowledge that will make you playing sound more interesting, no matter your skill level. If you want to jazz up your playing, this course is for you.

What is taught in this series?

  • Blues Soloing Over Jazz Riff
  • Jazz Soloing with Octaves
  • Superimposing Jazz Chords
  • Adding Double Stops
  • Combining Techniques
1. Blues Solo Over Jazz Riff 

Stuart Ziff shows you some great blues lick ideas to go over the popular 2-5-1 Jazz turnaround. This is the first video in the Jazz in Blues Series.

2. Jazz Soloing with Octaves 

Learn a style of jazz soloing that's been around for decades. Octaves are key in this one and Stuart shows you the proper way to pull of this technique. He also demonstrates how it might be used.

3. Superimposing Jazz Chords 

Stuart Ziff shows you how to superimpose one chord over another.

4. Adding Double Stops 

What's a double-stop? Stuart shows you and gives great examples of how they're used in jazz and blues.

5. Combining Solo Techniques 

Stuart Ziff shows you some great examples of the tecnhiques already taught in this series. He'll superimpose chords, show you the blues pentatonic over a Jazz 2-5-1 and more.

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