Jude Gold Funk Funkadelic

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Course Description

Jude Gold teaches you how the play Funk in this series of lessons. He discusses the basics of how to subdivide beats, and build on these concepts to create the funkiest rhythms on guitar. String control, chord voicings, and playing with attitude, are some of the techniques you will learn.

The series begins with Doug walking  you through some basics ways most funk, R&B and Rock players think about rhythm.

What is taught in this series?

  • Subdividing Sixteenth Notes
  • Funky Note Groupings
  • How to Play with a Swing Feel
  • 12/8 Time Singature
  • String Control
  • Hand Mojo
  • Playing with Attitude
  • Adding Riffs to Chord Progressions
Funky Subdivisions 

Jude shows you how to subdivide the beat and add sixteenth note funk rhythms to your playing. HE also gives you advice on how to play 9th chords and keep a steady groove.

Funky Note Groupings 

Jude shows you different ways to group chord stabs and single notes riffs within a sixteenth note pulse. Learn how to use these techniques in various styles, including funk and Caribbean rhythms.

Swinging Sixteenth Notes 

Jude shows you how to play sixteenth notes with a swing feel by playing triplets.

12/8 Time Signature 

Jude explains how to count in 12/8 time and shows you a playing example in the style of Stevie Wonder. Also learn strumming technique to accent the groove.

String Control 

Jude demonstrates how to deaden unwanted notes and gain control over your strings.

Hand Mojo 

Jude shows you how to inject some quick, funky rhythms into your strumming hand and explores an avenue of guitar playing he likes to call "hand mojo".

Playing with Attitude 

Jude talks about how to inject some feeling into your funk playing and demonstrates some cool chord grips to spice up your playing, including slapping and popping.

Adding Riffs to Chord Progressions 

Jude shows you a tune called "Swivel" and demonstrates how to play riffs over rhythm guitar parts. Also, he shows you how adding a can spice up a song.

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