Identity : Creating Your Own Style As a Guitar Player

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Course Description

Phil X, currently on tour with Bon Jovi, taking the place of Richie Sambora, also with  the bands The Drills,  and Alice Cooper, will walk you through a boot camp of basics and beyond within the realm of Rock Guitar.  A new approach on pentatonic scales, soloing techniques and more. No matter your playing level, Phil x’s Rock Guitar series will help you to add some power into your playing .

Phil starts the series by walking  you through some basic pentatonic concepts that will help you to create your own identity as a guitar player.

What is taught in this series?

  • Make pentatonic scales more interesting
  • Take pentatonic scales out of the box
  • Learn how substiute techniques
  • Finger exercise to make you rock
  • Make riffs sound heavier
  • Droning with open string
  • Expanding on Droning
  • Killer pentatonic licks
  • Learn how to solo using the entire fretboard
Making pentatonic scales more interesting 

In this lesson you will learn how to add notes to your pentatonic scales, making them more musical. Also, Phil talks about playing in different positions on the neck.

Taking pentatonic scales out of the box 

Phil shows you cool pentatonic licks you can play up and down the neck, sliding and changing positions. By using this technique you can make simple licks sound a lot more interesting, and explore the fretboard.

Learn how to play Eruption without tapping 

Phil teaches you how to play Van Halen's classic tapping solo, Eruption, without having to tap. Learning how to play licks in different ways allows you to expand your picking and fingering technique.

Finger exercise to make you rock 

Finger exercises that sound cool and are fun to play! Phil shows you how to play the same lick using different strings, creating more nuance in your playing.

Making riffs sound heavier 

Phil shows you how to play his song, Kiss My Trouble Maker, and teaches you how down stroke picking and string choice can make your riffs sound heavier.

Droning with open string 

Phil teaches you how to play riffs and solos, while simultaneously holding a low open string droning underneath. Also learn Phil's song No Woman of Mine.

Expanding on droning 

Learn less common ways of using a drone note to make a riff sound more interesting.

Killer pentatonic lick 

Phil shows you a cool lick that teaches you how to expand on your pentatonic scales, to keep them from sounding like exercises.

Learn how to solo using the entire fretboard 

Learn how to use the entire fretboard while playing cool pentatonic licks in several octaves. Phil also teaches you about blue notes.

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