Slide Guitar Basics

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Course Description

Stuart Ziff  (WAR) wrote the curriculum for the Musicians Institute SLIDE GUITAR program. In this series Stu will walk you through the basics of Slide Guitar playing and and cover the basics of using the slide, open tunings and muting techniques. Each lesson Stu walks you step by step through the examples and techniques so you can easily understand the topics covered.  Once you finish this course you will be proficient in basic and intermediate slide techniques and be playing riffs and licks in the styles of Elmore James, Duane Allman, Muddy Waters and Billy Gibbons

Each lesson contains full transcriptions of every note played in standard notation as well as TAB

Easily track your progress within the course by marking units complete so you can keep track of where you are in the series and easily jump back to where you left off at any time

Stu starts the series by walking  you through some basic slide techniques and covers the typed of slides available and gears you up to be a well rounded slide player by the time you finish the course 


What is taught in this series?

  • Slide Guitar Basics such as choosing a slide and how to hold the slide
  • Exercises using one string to get some slide playing under your belt
  • Slide Guitar Vibrato Techniques 
  • Slide Guitar Muting Techniques
  • Right hand technique for playing slide
  • Understanding Open Tunings 
  • Slide Guitar Blues Progressions
  • Slide Guitar Quick Licks in the styles of Billy Gibbons, Elmore James, Muddy Waters and Duane Allman
Introduction to Slide Guitar 

Stuart Ziff starts off this series by demonstrating the slide guitar and introducing some techniques on holding the slide.

One-String Slide Guitar Blues Lick 

Stu walks you through an very simple blue lick played with your slide using only one string

Incorporating Vibrato with the Slide 

Stuart shows you the proper way to use vibrato with the slide . He also demonstrates different styles of vibrato from Muddy Waters to Dwayne Allman.

Slide Guitar Muting Technique 

Stuart explains his right hand muting technique and why it's necessary for making those notes really count.

Using Open Tunings for Slide Playing 

What's an Open Tuning? Stuart explains how to use open tunings when playing slide guitar. He'll go over 0pen E, Open D and Open G.

Slide Guitar Blues Progression in Open E 

Open E is a common key in playing slide guitar. Stuart shows you a riff in open E that will make you sound like a pro.

Slide Quick Lick in the style of Elmore James 

Slide Quick Lick in the style of Elmore James

Slide Quick Lick in the style of Duane Allman 

Slide Quick Lick in the Style of Duane Allman

Slide Quick Lick in the style of Muddy Waters 

This slide Quick Lick is in the style of Muddy Waters. Stu shows you his very distinct vibrato.

Slide Quick Lick in the style of Billy Gibbons 

Stuart shows you another Slide Quick Lick in the style of ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons

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